ABOUT iQParts Beyne GmbH



iQParts was founded in 1897 in Wartberg im Mürztal, in the Austrian State of Styria. It was part of Vogel & Noot as a simple smithy to serve the rising market in agriculture in addition to the equipment with the wear parts.

Over the years, production has been consistently  expanded  and the Premium Parts brand has been continuously developed into  one of the leading brands  in Western and Eastern Europe.

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In 2016, Vogel & Noot was split due to insolvency and the company Premium Parts was sold to a Belgian investor. The brand could not be held and  iQ Parts  was born as a new brand.

Since then, we have been successfully working to grow the company, developing, producing and implementing  new products  that help farmers to be more  productive and successful  in their job.


Highest abrasion resistance with maximum elasticity - that was always the priority of our developments. We produce  4 quality categories in order to be able to meet the different soil conditions.
Moreover, we offer 6200 types of parts along with wide array of colors, sizes and shapes to choose from.   

Our products are compatible with 61 brands including Amazone, Lemken, Pöttinger, Kverneland, Horsch and many other.

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Customers look for the best fitting product,  this is why we are as f lexibile as our Quality levels

4 quality levels, perfectly thought and build for you.  Different HV and HRC hardness give you the options that are needed for soil, temperature and machinery conditions.  Check them out using our filter in the iQParts Webshop. 

Because whenqualitycounts, iQParts is your trusted partner.

HV 500

HRC 48 

  • Harder than original manufacturer parts
  • Better  value-for-cash
  • The perfect base product for hardfacings

HV 550 

HRC 52 

  •      Thicker and stronger material               than our iQParts ORIGINAL        
  • Made for the customer that simply needs more hardness
  • Customizable with H and D products

HV 800 

HRC 64 

  • Increased durability with reinforced blade
  • Proved quality hardfacing
  • Without doubt our customers' favorite
  •  Customizable with V and D products

HV 1100


  • HRC is too hard to measure
  • When only THE BEST is good enough!
  • Up to 10x longer service life        (best value-for-cash)
  • Extra heat treatment for maximized hardness
  •  Customizable with V and H products



Meet our brand new product: iQParts Greenline.

Our experts have done an impressive work in order to create a sustainable solution for forward-thinking farmers: carbide tipping for a long durability, excellent coulter with self-sharpening effect and wide range of application for both tillage and inter-row or hoeing cultivators.

Organic soil preparation tools have never been so well-thought.

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